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This page contains links to all books in Jet Mykles's Dark Elves series, print and ebook. This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Dark Elves excerpts. You know what I mean? The guys who go beyond rubbing you the wrong way. All about Mastered [Dark Elves 2] by Jet Mykles. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

Brown skin was rough and sun worn, the crinkles at the edges of his eyes making him look a little older than he probably was. A faded and beat-up Los Angeles Dodgers cap shaded his face from the early-morning sun, and a light polyester green-checked shirt was open at the collar to reveal more brown skin and a hint of chest hair.

Held between a black-nailed finger and thumb was the stem of a gorgeous red rose blossom. It was five a. Fully awake and looking like he was already well into his day, Eddie smiled and held the rose closer. He nodded. Carson felt the smile curl his lips even though the bottom one trembled. Hesitantly, he reached out.

A half dozen gold bracelets jangled softly about his slim wrist as he accepted the flower from the nice man.

With his free hand he reached up to tuck away an errant lock of red hair that had fallen forward over his left eye. It does. He buried his nose in the full bloom to take in the fresh scent.

A part of him eased. It looked to be a beautiful October day, and just like that, the heartache of the previous night lessened, leaving him weary. He gave Eddie a genuine smile.

Carson was pleased to discover the smile was still on his face. With a lighter heart, he stood and went inside to succumb to the sleep that was calling him. A Rose is a Rose 5 Standing at the balcony railing, Carson beheld a riot of fragrant beauty.

Before today, he had never truly appreciated the beautiful garden dominated by bush after bush of healthy, fragrant roses. That would send him to bed with a clearer head. There was no sign of Eddie this late in the afternoon. Carson suspected the super was off attending to one of the other tenants. Refusing to dwell on his troubles with Anthony and refreshed by the rich perfume of the roses, Carson ducked back inside.

He took a few moments in the bathroom to twist his hair into a tail. Gold hoops dangled from his earlobes, and 6 Jet Mykles only a few of his normally abundant bracelets adorned his wrists, the rest of them in his bag for later.

His baggy lavender T-shirt, huge white button-down overshirt, and shapeless jeans could have been worn by either a man or a woman. Without makeup, his slim, soft face looked rather feminine. Also blessed with big topaz blue eyes, he certainly looked younger than his twenty-five years.

Some quirk of fate and, he suspected, some Native American genes somewhere had excused him from the curse of facial hair, and he religiously moisturized his creamy skin to keep it soft. He could easily pass for a teenager or, with the right clothing and makeup, a girl, and had done both on many occasions. It was that effeminate beauty and slim, androgynous body that got him attention, and he rather liked it that way.

Pda ebook nedlastinger Mastered [Dark Elves 2] by Jet Mykles B0033AGQAW PDF

Satisfied with his looks, he left the bathroom and grabbed his stuffed purple and peach duffel bag. He took a brief moment to brush his fingers over the soft petals of the red rose that stood in a glass of water on his tiny pressboard dining table.

Then he headed out. Oddly contemplative, he walked to the bus without turning on his MP3 player. It was such a gorgeous day that he just tilted his head toward the sky to catch the last afternoon rays on his face.

He reached the shelter of the stop right as the bus arrived, and helped an older gentleman with a cane up the steps. Standing with his hand wrapped around a pole, he wiggled his fingers at the chubby little girl, gratified to see her smile.

Carson had to grin at his unaccustomed helpfulness and cheer. The perfume of the roses filled his head. It was nice. Humming softly when he got off the bus, he made the short remaining walk to the Glousen Theatre in the gradually encroaching night. Streetlamps flickered on A Rose is a Rose 7 overhead, and the neon signs of the liquor and video-rental places sizzled to life to beat away the darkness. Cars whizzed by on the street, stirring up the fallen leaves from the trees stuck into holes in the uneven sidewalk.

The Glousen was in an interesting part of town, largely industrial except for two strips of stores, boutique shops, two tiny restaurants, and a bar at the northern corner of a park. The park itself was run-down and kind of dangerous at night, but the theater and businesses did well enough. Carson arrived at the backstage door just after six, sliding inside as the sun gave up completely to the night.

Inside was a shrouded hovel with dusty black-painted walls behind the rigging for flying scrims and backdrops.

A Rose is a Rose by Jet Mykles

He passed the dark stage to his left and the equipment that looked like medieval torture devices to his right, moving toward the bright rectangle of light that was the door to the back hallway where the theater dressing rooms and offices lay.

The harried woman glanced up, a blank look on her face before the myopic eyes behind her big horn-rimmed glasses recognized him.

She smiled and reached out to pet his hair with a hand that also held the stub of a pencil. I have read all of your freebies, Jet Mykles.

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It was such a gorgeous day that he just tilted his head toward the sky to catch the last afternoon rays on his face. There were actually two dressing rooms, but the other one served as more of a lounging room. Not when his face was featured on the main poster, making him look like the most luscious of sex kittens. She smiled and reached out to pet his hair with a hand that also held the stub of a pencil. Jet mykles ebook download - dnalloheoj. He nodded.

Jet Mykles Language : en Shelves: erotic , dark-fantasy Dark Elves 5: Discovery was not as good as the others in this series.

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