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My dad used to spend all his time fixing that damn thing. There are two large windows, from which I can see our living room balcony and bedroom windows. I hear sounds coming from outside.

I might be eating a sandwich—bread, butter, garlic and peppers. In fact, I might be on my second one. Siento un nudo apretado en la garganta. Nuestra fila espera entre dos palmeras gigantes.

Y estoy preocupado. Giro la cabeza para todos lados. Trato de mantener la calma. I can see through the black metal bars of the front gate. They form a strange pattern, those bars. I see rows and rows of parents and nannies greeting the kids. From outside the gate, we are indistinguishable little heads, and both sides are searching for a familiar face. We wait between two giant palm trees. My heart is racing, and I can feel tears in my eyes, so I pretend to yawn, over and over.

My schoolmates find their family members in the crowd outside and ask for permission to join them, and our row starts losing shape. We are fewer and fewer as the minutes pass—I am counting every second in my head—, then just a few kids and the teacher remain. I turn my head to search everywhere. I try to stay calm. But I can feel the sun setting and the shadows growing longer as I wait for my grandmother to come get me and take me home.

I stand there, waiting for her wrinkled hand to hold my own. Espero su sonrisa amarillenta y sus dientes torcidos, su nariz larga, las arrugas alrededor de sus ojos verde oscuro. Espero sus canciones y bromas e historias inventadas. No estoy seguro. Hay una mujer vieja, acostada sobre la cama. I remember a row of beds on either side, forming a long hallway that came to an end beside a large window, although it was probably only three or four beds total.

Or maybe there was only one. A broad metal structure, a thin mattress, even thinner sheets. Sheets so worn out you could almost see through them. But then, I suppose the bedroom was not that big if it only fit one bed. The room seemed large, despite its small physical size, the size measured in meters, feet, and number of beds.

I wanted it to be big, even bigger, wider. Her eyes are closed. The only door, behind me, is also closed, and the only window, in front of me, is wide open. I see rows of beds facing the window, but probably it was just one bed, and she was lying on it, her eyes closed. The window is open, and when the light of this not-early-spring day peers in, so do a certain number of sounds. Among them, I believe I remember clearly: traffic, horns honking, exhaust pipes, the screech of brakes, street maintenance, a kind of random heavy machinery; the constant murmur of the crowds, an exceptionally piercing 50 par en par.

Veo hileras de camas alineadas hacia la ventana, pero era probablemente una sola cama, y ella acostada encima, con los ojos cerrados. No me puedo acercar demasiado. Estamos en un edificio bastante alto, supongo, o al menos un quinto piso, y no me llevo demasiado bien con las alturas. Me quiero acercar a la ventana, pero siento nauseas. No puede ser tan alto. Casi todos los objetos a mi alrededor son blancos, o parecen serlo, en ese momento y cada vez que pienso en ese lugar.

Maybe the bedroom was silent, but now that I think about it, there are noises in my ears. I hear them in the distance, muffled, as if my ears were stuffed with cotton. I want to get close to the window, but I feel nauseated.

It makes me sick just to think about it. Almost all the objects around me are white, or at least seem to be in that moment, and every time I think of that place.

The curtains are even thinner than the sheets, and every so often an imaginary breeze blows through the window and ruffles them. The walls are—or are trying to be—white. A light wooden crucifix designed with simple, and well defined edges, placed over the simple headboard; a dull still life mounted on the opposite wall; a television next to the painting.

In contrast to my fading memories of the still life, I do remember the television very clearly. Los muros son —o tratan de ser— blancos.

No los han pintado en un largo tiempo, a estos muros. Casi parecen una nube rodeando su cabeza. Algunos tubos cuelgan y terminan conectados a su cuerpo.

Giro mi cabeza y veo un viejo episodio de los Tres Chiflados en el televisor. La vuelvo a mirar a ella, pero no me muevo. They almost look like a cloud surrounding her head. Some tubes hang for a few feet and then wind up connected to her body.

Now her eyes are open, but she remains quiet and still. I turn my head and see an old episode of The Three Stooges playing on the television. The volume is muted. I see Shemp on a train, falling in love with a human-sized canary. I look at her again without moving. I peer out the window. Almost all of the sounds remain the same: traffic, machinery, crowds, a voice. One of them rises in volume and I can distinguish it. I try to find the scissors snipping. I turn my head. I see identical windows, rows and rows of them in all directions.

I see the exterior walls of the building, stained with acid rain and bird shit. I see pigeons returning my gaze. I follow the sound until across from me, a few floors up, I see a girl holding pruning shears. They are geraniums, or maybe not: thin flowers, red and purple, with thick, deep green leaves, the edges of the shears are slicing through them. Her fingers are thin and long, and they seem to hold the shears without any effort.

Her skin is white and very pale beneath the bright light. She has long reddish hair. Uno de ellos aumenta de volumen y se destaca. Intento encontrar las tijeras cortando. Giro la cabeza. Tiene el pelo largo y rojizo.

No logro verle la cara desde mi ventana. At this distance, from the other side of the street and a few floors down below, and with all these intervening years, she seems very young, maybe twenty years old. The geraniums—or whatever they are—hang on the balcony, suspended in pots. She is cutting brown leaves and dead flowers, and they fall from that fifth, sixth, seventh floor, to the street below. They float down, trapped in a spiral between gravity and their own lightness, following the soft breeze that only I remember, on that almost-spring day.

The flowers fall faster than the leaves, but only for a few meters; they start to lose their petals as they fall, and almost disappear before reaching the ground. Flowers and petals raining down from the dancing fingers of the girl with long red hair.

Why should she? I turn around. I look toward the tv, where Shemp is chasing a giant bird from one train compartment to the next. I look at the black metal structure that holds up the tv, defying gravity. I keep looking to find something to see, and I feel her eyes on my back, her dark green eyes hoping for me to turn around, to say 56 Estiro mi cabeza hacia fuera, pero no logro verlas sobre el piso.

La miro, pero no se da cuenta. Me doy vuelta. Miro a la estructura de metal negro que sostiene el televisor, desafiando la gravedad. Miro a la naturaleza muerta, pero, otra vez, no registro ninguno de sus detalles. We lived in a small bungalow in Frogtown without any roommates so this was definitely weird. Is there someone in the house? She was mad but I smelled danger. It was that voice again, rough and sandpapery, yet somehow familiar.

Not that I had any friends that sounded like that or anything. I walked to the corner of my room and picked up a four-iron from my closet my dad left it there, does it look like I fucking golf? It sounded like it was coming from the front room, where we take off our shoes. I scratched my head. Could it be Sattva fucking with me? I thought. Nah, that guy is in jail. Maybe that weed we were smoking was laced? Mesmo assim, tirei o pau. Ela ficou puta mas eu senti que tinha alguma merda rolando.

O som parecia vir do 84 dealer is legit. Whatever it was, I had a duty to protect my woman from the many unsavory elements of Central Los Angeles, so I squared up my shoulders, gripped the four-iron like a samurai sword, and pounced from around the corner. The hallway was empty. Empty except for our tiny French Bulldog, Potato, looking scared and a little confused as he always did.


I relaxed my shoulders a bit and bent down to the little doggu, petting him on the head. Did you see anyone here? He panted a bit, then opened his mouth. I was so shocked I damn near ran out into the street but then I remembered I had no fucking pants on. I calmed myself with some yoga breathing and turned back to Potato. I had to sit my ass down, bare butt to bare tile, to recollect my thoughts and all that.

I really wondered if this was reality. I tested out different scenarios in my head, then tried to wake myself up. But this reality held, and there was no denying it; my dog sounded like Ja Rule.

Normally I hated it when she wore my clothes after we fuck because she always managed to get cum on my shirts but I was so damn godsmacked I let it slide. She was holding two bottles of beer and handed me one. It was nothing, right? That voice was Potato! Fiquei noiado. Quem sabe a erva que a gente fumou estivesse batizada? O corredor estava vazio. Suspirou e depois abriu a boca. Tive que sentar com a bunda pelada no azulejo pra organizar as ideias.


Comecei a me perguntar se tudo aquilo era real. Era eu mesmo o jovem Leif Tanaka, que morava em LA e trabalhava como tradutor? Normalmente eu odiava 86 I set down the beer and held Potato up in arms. I shook him a bit. He whimpered. He talks like Ja Rule.

Those Hips, Those Thighs I! I swear he did. Stop harassing the damn dog and come back to bed. Hell, weirder things have happened in this fine city of ours. I put down Potato and I went back to bed with Pistil. Potato was silent for the rest of the evening, and damn, how things are now, I wish he had stayed that way. Pistil Long-Am and I had been together for about two years when Potato started getting weird. I figured Pistil loved me, even though she never said so.

Wenn Ich Bleibe Roman

She wasn't that kind of girl, I guess. I thought this was such a good proverb that I spent the rest of the class daydreaming about being destitute, eating bread and onion sandwiches with Pistil in the streets of Moorish Granada, begging for money and knicking loaves like Aladdin and Abu.

In this fantasy, I was Abu. I identified with his kleptomania. Ela vinha trazendo duas garrafas de cerveja e meu deu uma. Aquela voz era o Batata!

Dei uma chacoalhada nele. Ele deu uma choramingada. Para de encher o saco do cachorro e volta pra cama. Ele fala como o Ja Rule. Esses Quadris, Essas Coxas, Eu!

Eu juro que ele falou isso. Mas, caralho, coisas bem mais esquisitas tinham acontecido nessa nossa bela cidade. The skin was a deep uniform brown, emitting a pleasant crinkle when touched. She peeled the onion back, the flesh inside a ghostly pearlescent orb. She sliced it up raw, thick white rings coiling out on the wooden cutting board.

Then she put it between two pillowy slices of homemade white bread. She finished it off with a healthy slathering of European style butter and a dusting of garlic salt. We chopped it in half and climbed onto our roof top with a couple Tecate tall boys with lots of lime and Cholula, eating our onion sandwich under a purple sky, DTLA glittering in the middle distance.

To be completely honest the sandwich was fucking disgusting, the butter greasy and the raw onion stang our eyes. Kissing with gnarly onion breath is not for the faint of heart, but it definitely felt like some sort of unholy matrimony, our souls irreversibly intertwined with an equally unholy sandwich.

Since that day, I had considered the two of us pretty much married. I was polishing my dumpy old Ford Fiesta in the driveway later that Sunday when I heard Pistil screaming at me from inside. Potato panted stupidly at her feet, the shower still running in the bathroom, steam billowing out. Sabia que ela me amava apesar de nunca ter dito. Na minha fantasia, eu era Abu. What happened?

I rip open the shower curtain to whoop whoever had broken into the bathroom but all I see is Potato sitting there on the floor. Dude what is happening?

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As far as what we can do, I have no idea. I guess we should take Potato to the vet? Daquele dia em diante, considerei a gente casado pra valer. O que aconteceu?

Eu tava fazendo o de sempre quando ouvi eu tenho um fetiche de te comer de 92 Pistil got dressed while I gathered up Potato and his things. Potato always raised a fuss whenever I went into the examination room with him, so Pistil took him in alone.

While Pistil was in the examination room with Potato, a painting hanging on the wall caught my attention. It was a watercolor or something of Pikachu in a black one-shouldered leotard, tiny high heels, and with a flowing mane of dirty blond hair, hips swaying to some unheard beat.

Aside from the Ja Rule thing of course. Can he speak? Or does he just spout out catch phrases? It seems like all he does is repeat things. Well, what do you think we should do?

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