Concordant Version of the New and Old Testament is the most accurate literal translations available. pdf links_Concordant Literal New Testament. Read Concordant New Testament Online. The Sacred Scriptures. THE CONCORDANT VERSION. MATTHEW'S ACCOUNTMARK'S ACCOUNTLUKE'S . meaningless and reduces God from being eternal and beyond time to something much less. In the Old Testament Knoch translates the Hebrew word olam as.

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of the so-called New Testament. - Version 1 - Concordant Greek-English Sublinear ( in PDF format is a free edition of chancromaslodis.gae. Concordant Literal New Testament (CLV): © Concordant Publishing. Concordant Literal New Testament sample chapters; Portable Document Format (PDF) Edition, for use with Acro- • • • This publication be reproduced for personal use (all. Concordant Version of the Old Testament . the Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT). index for the, or in printed.

According to what Christ just said we can be sure of a couple of things: 1. The Father was not where Christ was. God was not where Christ was i. The Father was above. God was above. Christ was ascending to where His God and His Father was. One other way of looking at this would be that the Father was instrumental in raising Christ up after God roused Him out of the sleep of death.

When I go to bed at night the first thing that happens in the morning is that I am roused from sleep.

My eyes open. I can remain lying in bed but once I raise myself I am no longer in a supine, horizontal position. I am either sitting on the edge of my bed or standing up. It could be that the God and Father of Christ gave Christ the power to be raised and that it was then that Christ raised Himself from the dead.

For all of us shall be presented at the dais of God Or why are you also scorning your brother? For all of us shall be presented at the dais of God.

He could either go with the Sinaticus editor and use his reading of XY in the margin or use other main manuscripts. He chose the latter. If Knoch is wrong then the oldest manuscripts are wrong. The Father is not judging anyone directly but does so through the Son. Here all manuscripts agree that this is the dais of Christ. It is just that Luke adds to the information lacking in the Matthew account.

It doesn't contradict at all. Neither do all the other verses Don references above contradict But that is incorrect. It is not in the three oldest Greek manuscripts Knoch used, therefore, according to Knoch, he did not feel warranted in inserting it.

And he is aware that he is telling the truth, that you, also, should be believing. He is coming with clouds, and every eye shall be seeing Him-those, also, who stab Him-and all the tribes of the land shall be grieving over Him. So it doesn't really contradict Zechariah as Don would have us believe.

It is just that his version is not in line with the Greek texts. It is just that, in the future, they will look at Him Whom they stabbed but John wrote of the event as if the soldier was presently piercing Christ.

The 'Him' is clearly referring to Judas Iscariot, the 'H' should be lower case.


The Son of Mankind is being given up! Ideal were it for Him if that man were not born! However, woe to that man through whom He is being given up! For it is a necessity for snares to be coming. Moreover, woe to that man through whom the snare is coming! I believe the latter to be the case. Neither Mark nor Luke contradict each other nor do they contradict Matthew nor 2 Peter ,21 as Don suggested. Whom they assassinate also, hanging Him on a pole.

Why does Peter refer to the cross as a tree? Because he is quoting from O. Where it says that a person who is hanged from a tree is cursed by God. I'm sure that Christ did not carry a tree dendron with branches and leaves to His crucifixion. He carried something made of wood xulon to His crucifixion. Gegona is a form of ginomai and has the exact same Strongs number of I am the First and the Last He is saying Who is the First and the Last, Who became dead, and lives.

Of course Jesus is God. But in what sense is Jesus God? The One in verse 28 is said to be the only One not being subjected to Christ.

That One is God. God is the One subjecting all humanity to Christ. Then Christ subjects Himself to that One.

A Literal Translation of the Greek New Testament

Compare Matthew with John If satan is a King, then how are there two chiefs? That doesn't make any sense. The synonym archoon is used of the chiefs AV, rulers in Israel Matt. Nicodemus was such a chief John It is also used of the chief AV, ruler of the synagogue Luke It will also help us to note that Beezeboul is called the chief AV, prince of the demons Matt.

Usually, indeed, the earthly and heavenly dignitaries are both included in the term, as in Romans ; 1 Corinthians ; Ephesians ; Colossians ; , No sovereignties, no chiefs, captains, or princes, with all their might, whether on earth or in heaven, will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord Rom.

All of these are connected with rule, and all will be gone when rule retires 1 Cor. Christ has ascended above all such, not only on earth, but in the heavens Eph. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches, vol. Nicodemus his name, a chief of the Jews. There can be many chiefs, but there is only one King. Scripture is consistent with this John Now is the judging of this world.

Concordant Version

Now shall the Chief of this world be cast out. Why must a chief be a king? Who said that only kings sit on thrones? Who said a chief cannot sit on a throne or a place of authority? In Revelation the twenty-four elders each have a throne. They each have positions of authority. Not that that makes it right, but I do find it interesting that Don does not go after those other translations. Jesus carries this title just as His Father does. Because of what act of them are you stoning Me?

Think about this. Now I hope Don or those of his persuasion will not say that we believe we all become gods or God. Or do they all get absorbed into God? I doubt it. Notice how it translated this verse: He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him John What Don is doing is the kettle calling the pot Black.

Concordant Literal Testament With Keyword Concordance

Don is correct. This will probably be fixed in the next printing.

It is just a typographical error. That is why we put it in lightface in the CLNT. In the Holy Land the common thing to do with dough was to make ember cakes of bread. The King James version does the same thing with words it adds which are not in the Greek text but puts them in italic instead of lightface. It is nothing sinister on our or the KJV's part. It depends on a knowledge of the idiom of the two languages which comes only from long acquaintance. English usage is not uniform or definite.

This is true also in Greek.

This is not so in Greek. This will be dealt with more fully later. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches vol. We are all sons of mankind.

Zechariah, and theymarveled iat his. God ioto a city of. And thename of the virgin is Miriam. Andthe Lord. God shall be giving Him the throne of David,His. And of His.

Elizabeth, your. God to fulfill His every declaration. Elizabeth hears the salutationof. Mary, the babe jumps in her. Lord may be comingtod me? God my. Saviour,48t For He looks on on the humiliation of His. Israel, His boy,To be reminded of mercy55 According as He speaks tod our. Abraham and to his. But he shall be called John. Judea all these.

To grant to us, being rescued out of the handof our.God is fors us, awho is against us? In the Holy Land the common thing to do with dough was to make ember cakes of bread. I cannot thank Zondervan and Mr. B Phillips.

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It requires regular use and study to become familiar and comfortable with its exacting vocabulary and syntax, and competent in the use of its many features. They express little in the way of unneeded bias and fairly delineate various interpretive options.

The Father was not where Christ was.

He had that right or authority to do so. The Father was above. Why does Peter refer to the cross as a tree?

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