John D. Anderson, Jr., University of Maryland, Consulting Editor Anderson. Fundamentals of Aerodynamics. Anderson. Hypersonic and High Temperature Gas. Anderson: Fundamentals of Aerodynamics. Anderson: Hypersonic and High Temperature Gas Dynamics. Anderson: Introduction to Flight. Anderson: Modern . Anderson and˙fm December 23, Fundamentals of Aerodynamics Fifth Edition John D. Anderson, Jr. Anderson and˙fm .

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John D. Anderson, Jr. Curator of Aerodynamics. National Air and Space Museum. Smithsonian Institution and. Professor Emeritus. University of Maryland. Mc. Anderson - Fundamentals of - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Cambridge Core - Engineering: General Interest - A History of Aerodynamics - by John D. Anderson, Jr. John D. Anderson, Jr, University of Maryland, College Park. Publisher: Cambridge University . pp i-iv. Access. PDF; Export citation.

Ordinarily, energy would not flow from hyperspace to space because space has a higher potential than the potential of hyperspace. This, of course, is the reason that the body vortices can flow energy into the energy field of the human being who is located in hyperspace. The latter device resulted in the first mechanical means to produce anti-gravity. The process of creating spinning thermal fluctuations is the same as found in the hot air vortices created by the jet airplanes landing at the airport near the road where the full-body teleportation occurred.

Large vortices are created over the wing of the airplane at the same time that the turbine engines are spinning hot vortices into relatively cold air. These conditions produce wormholes between space and hyperspace. It takes a twin turboprop airplane landing behind the jet to generate the gravitational wave in the region where the wormholes have formed. The gravitational wave then traverses the wormholes into hyperspace, becoming highly amplified due to the change in linear mass and speed of light.

Because the propeller blades are co-linear with the road, the gravitational wave travels in the direction along the road where it was encountered by the inventor. From experiments with cavitating bubbles see patent application Cavitating Oil Hyperspace Energy Generator , it was found that it is possible to produce a wormhole if the surfaces of the bubble collapse asymmetrically. A symmetric collapse of a spherical bubble produces enormous spacetime curvature distortions.

87575503 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics by Anderson

An asymmetric collapse, using a magnetic field to distort the collapse, produces, in addition to the same severe spacetime distortions, negative energy as the bubble collapses. Due to some General Relativity considerations, the wormhole that is created starts rotating in a manner similar to the beacon light produced by a lighthouse.

Due to the wormholes created by the presence of thermal vorticity fluctuations generated by the wing and turbines of the airplane, this skewed wave moves into hyperspace where it is highly magnified and detected by the inventor. Referring to top view FIG. Due to this asymmetric distortion in the xy-plane, the quantum wells take the physical body out of dimension as long as the wave pulse is traveling with the human energy field.

Once the back edge of the gravitational wave moves on past the quantum wells, the body is then brought back into dimension.

It is the object of this invention to teleport a human being from one location to another by creating a pulsed gravitational wave traveling through hyperspace that asymmetrically compresses and expands the quantum wells of the human energy being. This spacetime curvature distortion of the hyperspace quantum wells pulls the physical body out of dimension such that the human being is teleported along with the wave.

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As the pulsed wave moves on past the quantum wells, the human is brought back into dimension at some distant location. The invention requires 1 a device that will generate a wormhole between space and hyperspace, and 2 a device that will generate a gravitational wave which can be inserted through the wormhole. Using this generator, it was found that smoke blown through one side of the coil does not appear on the other side of cylindrical coil.

The smoke flows through the wormhole and appears in a hyperspace co-dimension. The wormhole generator consists of two concentric cylindrical coils A,B , one of larger radius than the other, made of thin transformer iron laminate wrapped in opposite directions with one continuous wire driven by a sinusoidal current.

The solenoidal coil generates a magnetic field through the laminate. Because the electrical current flows in opposite directions at different radii through the two windings, bucking electric fields C are created along the centerline of the generator.

These radially-offset magnetic fields and bucking electric fields, as shown by a calculation using Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, generate both an enormous spiking spacetime curvature and negative energy at small radius along the centerline where the wormhole is formed. The gravitational wave generator is then coupled to this wormhole generator.

The tips of the arrows indicate compression and the tail of the arrows indicate expansion or stretching of spacetime.

The reason for this spacetime curvature is because the waveguide forces the electromagnetic wave to curve around and travel in a circle. Spacetime has to compensate for this toroidal-generated stress by creating hyperbolic lines of stress in the inner plane of the toroid so that the overall spacetime curvature is zero.

For a greater gravitational effect, three toroidal waveguides, phased degrees apart, are used to seal off the curvature. This phase relationship is adjusted by selecting the correct radius for the frequency of the monochromatic wave. In order to effectively use this gravitational wave, referring to FIG.

The two obelisks are offset by a short distance between them. As the vertical gravitational wave rotates around along the vertical axis inside the obelisk, the edges of the square obelisks are compressed and expanded such as to create two cylindrical asymmetric gravitational waves traveling radially outward. Because the gravitational wave is rotating inside the obelisk, the granite stone undergoes a very small asymmetrical compression and expansion.

A cylindrical gravitational wave propagates out from each obelisk such that along the centerline between the two there is generated a plane gravitational wave. This wave enters the wormhole H created by the magnetic vortex generator which is located a short distance from and parallel to the obelisks.

The wave is amplified by a factor of almost 10 13 when it enters the hyperspace co-dimension. Perspective view of site where full-body teleportation occurred.

Perspective view of gravitational wave generator. Planar view of gravitational wave generator. Perspective view of seven vortices of human energy being.

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Perspective view of seven large quantum wells of human energy being. Tetrahedron diagram showing Planck's constant and electron. Tetrahedron diagram showing electron moving out of dimension. Perspective view showing production of negative energy. Perspective view of skewed gravitational wave produced by propellers. Planar view of skewed quantum wells deformed by gravitational wave. Perspective view of magnetic vortex wormhole generator. Perspective view of hyperbolic lines of stress generated by toroidal waveguide.

Anderson - Fundamentals of Aerodynamics .pdf

Perspective view of rotating, twisting, propagating gravitational wave generated by toroidal waveguides. Perspective view of toroidal waveguides attached to obelisks. Perspective view of gravitational wave generated by obelisks. Perspective view of magnetic vortex wormhole generator and obelisk gravitational wave generator.


A full body teleportation system consisting of: The method of claim 1 , wherein the step of generating the pulsed gravitational wave comprises: The method of claim 1 , wherein the step of generating a wormhole into hyperspace comprises: A teleportation system comprising: USA1 en. Anderson Jr. Giesing et al. Lane et al. Klemp et al. Flierl et al.

The physical significance of modons: Laboratory experiments and general integral constraints. Balbus et al. Anderson et al. Lim et al. Parsons et al. The mesoscale and microscale structure and organization of clouds and precipitation in midlatitude cyclones. All of the 50 customers downloading the cars were given an opportunity to drive the E-Type for one week.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jaguar XKR X 5. March 7, Jaguar Heritage Centre Trust.

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