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BPB Let Us C (Hindi) on chancromaslodis.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Title: BPB Let US C (in Hindi). Publisher: BPB Publications. Publication Date: Binding: Softcover. Book Condition: New. Edition: 5th or later edition. Kanetkar Y; ISBN ; ISBN ; Author: Kanetkar Y; Publisher: Bpb Publications-New Delhi; Book No.: ; SUPC.

Abhishek's is the story of millions of engineers who graduated over the last couple of decades. Today, in our Techie Tuesdays column, we speak to its author, Yashavant Kanetkar, the man who has contributed in his own way to the software revolution of India, one programme, one chapter and one book at a time.

Early days Born and brought up in Nagpur, Yashavant went to the school located nearest to his house.

His father is an electrical diploma holder and mother a PhD in Political Science. Education, naturally, topped the family's priorities.

Yashavant had developed a great interest in poetry in his school days, but he says his English teacher lacked the skills to help hone it further. He says that is his biggest regret in life. While forging metals, he also forged some lifelong friendships during his college days. But it soon became clear to Yashavant that he wanted to do things differently.

The theses of all MTech students were associated to computed science in some or the other way.

Sample Product

Yashavant made use of the finite element method for Electro Chemical Machinery process. This needed a lot of computing. The seeds of a programming career were thus sown in a mechanical mind. He recalls, The only way to avoid a job then was by leaving Kanpur. So I took a train to Nagpur and went back only after placements.

Let us C Hindi

When he returned to campus, everyone had a job but him. Eventually, he packed his bags and came back to Nagpur, never to return this time. VIP agreed to make him the vendor and everything was ready, but money was a problem. Yashavant went from one bank to another for a loan.

They were willing to fund him, as he was a qualified person, but on the condition that he chipped in 25percent of the total project cost of Rs 5 lakh, an amount he did not have.

During his loan hunting, he met the manager of a State Bank of India, who said that if any graduate engineer wished to start something in ITand computing, it would be treated with priority. He immediately submitted a proposal to set up a computer training centre and received a loan of Rs 50, One PC was priced at almost Rs 45, and he used the loan money to download that. With this, Yashavant set up a computer training centre in a one-room setup.

But this was not exactly a rational decision.

Given his limited exposure to PCs, Yashavant didn't know much about them. He remembers, There was only one reset button in the front. There was only one floppy drive. Hard disk was yet to arrive.

Processor speed was 4. But the machine intrigued him enough to soldier on. He started learning computing by reading books. It was helpful in creating commercial-level programmes like billing payrolls and inventory, which come in handy at small companies.

The book uses a lot of programming examples to help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the various C features. This book also aims to help prepare readers not just for the theoretical exams, but also the practical ones.

It builds their C programming skills.

It also helps in getting through job interviews. There is a separate section in the book that discusses the most Frequently Asked Questions in job interviews. This is the 13th edition of the book and it covers all levels of C programming, from basic to intermediate and advanced levels of expertise. With clear concept coverage, simple instructions and many illustrative examples, Let Us C teaches programming and C language features effectively and easily.

Yashavant attributes the book's popularity to its simple language.

Yashavant and his wife went through names including ' leagues under the C', before arriving at 'Let Us C'. They chose it because it was very simple like the content of the book. Let Us C went for republishing new editions almost every year since its first print.

Let us C Programming book by Yashavant Kanetkar

Today, it is in its 15th edition and has been translated into Hindi, Gujarati, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and many more languages. Almost four million copies of the book have been sold. The book has not only helped Yashavant commercially and given him name and fame, but it also enabled him to touch millions of lives. Yashawant also created Quest in with an ex-Microsoft employee. Quest is a content delivery platform that distributes video tutorials by Yashavant.

Till date, 26 titles have been recorded for Quest now with Japanese edition. His mantra to choose a subject is simple: he would learn, teach and write about anything that interested him. He says, I had a really tough time understanding these two topics.

Let Us C -16th Edition

On top of it, writing the book in a way that everybody can understand it was a big challenge. Not many people are interested in these two topics so these books weren't sold as much. C on plane One of the most complicated programme that Yashavant has worked on was an assignment given by Air India.

When an aircraft takes off and lands, there are close to parameters that are recorded during the flight. A few minutes into the the aircraft landing, these parameters decide whether the plane is fit for the next flight.

Yashavant was able to create the programme using C to help maintenance engineers understand the health of the plane.

What was satisfying for Yashavant was that there was a lot of responsibility associated with it. For aspiring tech writers Yashawant believes that technical correctness and the right usage of terminology is of paramount importance for technical writing. He says, You should progress from a simple programme to a complex one to a further complex programme. People should cross their first hurdle easily.

According to Yashavant, Indians think differently about programming. He adds, "You cannot begin with a line programme and keep on explaining.

Nobody has patience for that. Small things have to work first. You've to write a five-line programme, then a line one and then a line programme.

According to Yashavant, a good programmer is someone with an open mind, who is willing to make changes in the programme, and who doesn't take anything he has written associated with his ego. What defines Yashvant? Yashavant believes that professional success has to be kept away from family life. He values simplicity above all.

He likes competent people because there's always something to be learned from them. Let Us Fiction Yashavant is now writing a novel with one of his old friends.Replacement is applicable for 7 days after delivery Know More. It also covers C preprocessor directives, handling strings, and error handling. He immediately submitted a proposal to set up a computer training centre and received a loan of Rs 50, However, the C programming language has retained its popularity across the decades.

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[Techie Tuesdays] Yashavant Kanetkar: the man who taught C programming to millions of Indians

One PC was priced at almost Rs 45, and he used the loan money to download that. There were no desktop publishing software those days, so the book was sent to Delhi for typesetting. Hard disk was yet to arrive. But it soon became clear to Yashavant that he wanted to do things differently.

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