PDF Link: The 5th Wave ยท EPUB Link:The 5th Wave Download The 5th Wave book by Rick Yancey by clicking one of the above links. Now, it's the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The 5th Wave 6 of 10 Rick Yancey - The Infinite The 5th Wave. The Fifth Wave (Series). Book 1. Rick Yancey Author Phoebe Strole Narrator (). cover image of The Infinite Sea.

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5th Wave, The - Rick - Google Drive. See more. Girl on the Train_ A Novel, The - Paula - Google Drive. Paula HawkinsGoogle. [EbooK Epub] The 5th Wave: The First Book of the 5th Wave Series DOWNLOAD EBOOK PDF site For download this book click button. NOW A MAJOR FILM by Sony Pictures, starring Chloe Grace Moretz* Wildly entertaining I couldnt turn the pages fast enough The New York Times *The 5th.

Her younger brother, Sammy, has been taken to Camp Haven, which is supposedly a military training camp. At the time we meet Cassie, the world is experiencing the 4th wave of the alien invasion which involves the aliens who appear to be human befriending the remaining humans to eliminate them. Because of their disguise, Cassie has two rules during the 4th wave; Trust no one, and stay alone if you want to stay alive.

While she is living in the forest, Cassie becomes sick from the wound and nearly dies, but is saved by a farm boy named Evan.

In time, Cassie grows suspicious of Evan, believing that he is a Silencer, and perhaps even the Silencer, who shot her in the leg.

While Cassie is receiving treatment for her wounds, a boy named Ben, who happened to attend the same high school as Cassie before Colonel Vosch is training the invasion at Camp Haven. Cassie also notes his soft hands. He develops strong feelings for Cassie, and so does she.

Though, these feelings are strained when Cassie learns that Evan is an Other.

Evan is rescued by Grace, who tries to seduce him, though, after they are attacked and Grace is wounded, he makes his way to Cassie. Grace, however follows him there.

Poundcake blows up the hotel while Evan is still inside, and it is not clear if he survives. However, at the end of The Infinite Sea , he emerges from the woods to find Cassie. Benjamin "Ben" Thomas Parish or "Zombie" - the varsity quarterback of the football team at Cassie's school. Cassie secretly had a crush on him. His family was killed during the first four waves by a group of psychotic looters.

He is crushed by the fact that he ran while his baby sister was killed. He keeps a locket with a photo of her.

He becomes a member of Camp Haven's makeshift army, not knowing that they are The Others though he eventually finds out , taking the nickname "Zombie". After one of his squadmates goes crazy, or "Dorothy", Private Ringer replaces him. He obsesses with getting her to smile.

Cassie describes him as overall gorgeous. Marika "Ringer" - a member of squad Her father was an Atheist and a chess player. He taught her how to play. Marika's father was usually drunk. Her father is infected with the Red Death and dies of the disease.

Marika wandered through the wilderness before forcefully being recruited into Camp Haven's army, where she took the nickname "Ringer". She is a replacement after Private Tank of Squad 53 went crazy, "Dorothy", and pulled a gun on his squad. Zombie is obsessed with getting Ringer to smile.

She is described as having glossy black hair and mild Asian features. In The Infinite Sea , she grows closer to Private Teacup, and, after being captured, grows feelings for a recruit named Razor.

Sammy "Nugget" Sullivan - Cassie's five-year-old brother.

At his refugee camp, he boards a bus from Camp Haven and is recruited into its army, unbeknownst to his father's death. He joins squad 53 and friends Zombie deeply. Sammy is not allowed to go on his squad's patrol due to his age. Evan destroys the base, though it is not clear whether he survives or not, and Cassie, Zombie, and Evan escape.

The Last 8 by Laura Pohl

He is sadistic and cruel. He survives the destruction of Camp Haven and "enhances" Ringer with the twelfth system, a piece of Other technology designed to enhance the human anatomy in ways such as strength, agility, and speed.

Vosch also tries to kill Sammy via electrocution while having Zombie and Cassie watch, though Evan managed to cut the power at Camp Haven just in time. Vosch also personally killed Cassie's father at her refugee camp. Grace - a Silencer like Evan. They befriended each other before the waves began.


Grace saves Evan after he destroys Camp Haven. One night after one of her hunts, she tries to seduce Evan, but he attacks her and renders her unconscious, though, believing her to be dead. Grace follows him to Cassie's group where she attacks them.

The group loses her as a helicopter flies in.

The 5th Wave Book by Rick Yancey

Private Poundcake, having taken a bomb triggered to detonate on high concentrations of carbon dioxide from Megan, he commits suicide, supposedly killing Grace. Dumbo - the medic officer in squad One of his most prominent features is his extraordinarily large ears, like his namesake.

Allison "Teacup" or "Cup" - a seven-year old member of squad She is described as "the meanest seven-year-old you've ever seen" by Zombie. Teacup grows close to Ringer after the destruction of Camp Haven. She is shot by Ringer who mistakes her for an Other. Teacup is captured alongside Ringer and Vosch uses Teacup as leverage against Ringer.

Teacup is killed by Razor so Vosch will have no more leverage against her.

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Poundcake - a chubby member of squad He does not talk. While he was on a supply run, he returned to find his brother gone. Besides, there are only so many ways of describing how to squash a bug. Orbital bombardment.

Biological warfare. A Fifth Column.

They can kill us? Yeah I know I've seen them blow up the White House. Seriously, mope around too much bitching about it like she does, and it becomes a case of been there, done that, got boring, seriously stop telling me how terrible it is when I can imagine hundreds of worse scenarios.

Face huggers anyone? But not only is The 5th Wave completely derivative of the many, many alien invasion plots of years past, it just has a terrible protagonist in Cassie Sullivan who forcefully shoves the same old regurgitated crap down my throat in the most inane way possible.Cassie secretly had a crush on him. Many of people very interesting to read this book. The beings who only look human, who roam the countryside killing anyone they see.

The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey - extract

Besides, there are only so many ways of describing how to squash a bug. Her father was an Atheist and a chess player. Cassie, Ben and Sam ride off with squad 53 as Wright-Patterson is destroyed.

After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. At the same time, Cassie has snuck back onto the base to save her little brother when she encounters Ben.

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