PDF download for Orangi Pilot Project: the expansion of work beyond Orangi and Orangi Pilot Project (), “NGO profile: Orangi Pilot Project”, Environment. The Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) has become one of the best known NGO projects in the provision of sanitation. In the 16 years since its inception, the Project ha. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Orangi Pilot Project: The Expansion of Work Beyond Orangi and the Mapping of Informal Settlements and Infrastructure .

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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Orangi Pilot Project | The Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) in Karachi was established in to upgrade the. Orangi is a Karachi town consisting of an agglomeration of katchi abadis is available for download: P12 – Orangi Pilot Project [PDF, MB]. Arif Hasan > Orangi Pilot Project & Urban Resource Center This file is available for download: P08 – Karachi Rains and the Drainage Channels – Issues and.

OPP brought in professional engineers and architects to improve housing conditions by training masons and designing machinery to manufacture concrete blocks and roofing tiles.

OPP reckons in the first 4 years of the programme, over 5. Mobile health services Stung by criticism in that OPP had ignored the improving of personal hygiene and health habits of Orangi residents, OPP volunteers worked to break social and cultural barriers that segregated women and perpetuated ignorance about preventable diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, polio and typhoid.

When attempts to get Orangi women to go to clinics failed, OPP switched to taking health information and services to the lanes.

Mobile training teams made home visits to proffer health information, including distributing contraceptives. The current low infant mortality in Orangi, compared to that in other colonies, is evidence of the programme's success.

In Asia’s Largest Slum, Development, Danger

The OPP also helped seamstresses of Orangi who were underpaid and often subject to physical harassment by middlemen. OPP set up Women's Work Centres WWCs in Orangi homes to help the seamstresses by offering them training and management of business aspects previously handled by contractors.

The WWCs, entirely self-supporting now, have played a key role in raising their annual wages since and in the economy of Orangi. Inspired by the success of the WWCs, OPP secured grants from commercial banks so it could extend credit to Orangi enterprises ranging from bakeries to video shops.

Credit was granted without collateral, but a recovery rates of 92 per cent in the first year and 98 per cent in the second year justified OPP's selection criteria and careful monitoring. Like housing and some other services, education in Orangi was provided mainly by the informal sector, as the government ran only 11 per cent of the schools for low-income families.

This has resulted in encouraging education in Orangi and the fact that 45 per cent of the pupils are girls reflects the high priority residents attach to female education. OPP undertook a tree-planting and nursery programme in with initial technical support from IUCN World Conservation Union and is confident that Orangi will become a green suburb of Karachi by the end of the decade.

Students of architecture and planning, who had been involved in community work in Orangi, were instrumental in setting up the Urban Resource Centre URC to improve urban planning, to implement programmes and to inform communities of their rights to better services.

Presently, URC has joined other human rights workers in investigating the increasing number of evictions from government land, even though the squatters often stay in officially "notified" areas.

This may be the first time a Pakistani NGO succeeded in getting state decisions changed. After more than a decade, OPP no longer needs to play a role in mobilising the people of Orangi, because they have become self-reliant.

And, its many successes has drawn the attention of the Pakistani government, says architect Perveen Rahman, who is a member of the URC governing body. Karachi's mayor has visited the OPP office and also appointed it the city's advisor on a major, nine-year project on road and sanitation, funded by the Asian Development Bank ADB.

OPP was able to persuade ADB to reframe the project to allow local residents to implement much of the small-scale work, such as constructing latrines and sewer lines. OPP accepts consultancy fees, but Rahman pointed out OPP consultancy is conditional on projects being implemented "on our terms.

The emergence of leaders among Orangi activists is seen by some municipal councillors and religious fundamentalists as a threat to their authority and influence. And, engineering firms, consultants and contractors who had profited through overcharging on government contracts, fear their days are numbered.

Transforming a Karachi slum into a tidy suburb

Khan says these vested interests are behind determined attempts by a group of religious leaders to discredit him by alleging he committed blasphemy in a children's story book that Khan published recently. If OPP's story has not been successfully replicated elsewhere, it is not for lack of trying.

An effort was made in Karachi's Masoom Shah Colony, a katchi abadi of houses. OPP provided tools, technical assistance and training whereas the residents raised the financing for a project involving the laying of a m main drain to which the households latrines were connected.

The murder shocked the city; Politically motivated killings are commonplace in Karachi but community development workers like Ms.

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Rehman are usually spared, according to OPP. Police say the Pakistani Taliban, a movement known as Tehrik-e-Taliban, was behind the killing.

Ashfaq Baloch, the police officer in charge of the area where Rehman's murder took place, told The Wall Street Journal that they killed the man suspected of the attack in a shootout a day after Ms. Rehman was killed.

Baloch said.

The Tehrike-e-Taliban has issued statements denying any involvement in Ms. Rehman's killing.

Senior workers at the OPP, who are familiar with Ms. Mapping Karachi — much of which is entirely unplanned- is the most important service OPP offers. OPP helped residents organize themselves into lobbying groups, put together petitions and arrange meetings with officials to obtain the leases for the land.

Since more than 1, settlements have received year leases from the government.In response to the dual challenge of inflation and recession, the residents have invented working family, modifying homes into workshops, promoting the women from mere dependents to economic partners and wage earners, abandoning the dominant patriarchal pattern with surprising speed.

Meeting were held in the lanes and people were told that if they form a lane organisation and elect, select or nominate a lane manager then they could apply to the OPP-RTI for assistance.

And, its many successes has drawn the attention of the Pakistani government, says architect Perveen Rahman, who is a member of the URC governing body. Senior workers at the OPP, who are familiar with Ms. Once the land is under their control, the criminal groups — known as "land mafia" - push to have it legalized so they can divide it and sell it for profit. The street was not only the basic unit for community organisation and physical identity but also the departing point for mapping neighborhoods, execution of work and subsequent maintenance.

The map changes perceptions about what is required for the settlement or city and relates them to ground realities.

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