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For information on Speed Seduction® products, seminars, and events go I, Ross Jeffries, Ghita Services., Inc, and/or chancromaslodis.ga (or any of our other. Dear Speed Seduction® Student, much better than I would have expected. my fifteen plus years of teaching Speed. Seduction®, and usually the hosts are dumb . chancromaslodis.ga - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

I know this is a totally nutty way to meet someone pacing her ongoing belief. And the more you laugh.. It could be a book.. As she sighs and says. When approaching these chicks. How totally wonderful and unique and special too! I don't mean to interrupt you while you are whatever she is doing.. Pause again "My name's..

Pause for another second and say. I just wanted to tell you. I know this is going to sound a little funny.

Ross Jeffries - Advanced Speed Seduction 2

Here's where you ad the twist. I can tell you are a woman with great taste! Then you say: You could say something like. When she asks.. My name is Ross. Keep holding on as you continue to talk to her. To add to this you say. I used Mystery's 3 second rule approach and tried to pick out something about them to comment on. I see his face every morning.! Anchor this by squeezing her hand and saying..

To get them Laughing: The shy. When she laughs. My name is I'd stand in front of the mirror all day long.. My name is: I find when I start to listen carefully blah blah blah Step two: Say something like. I have an intuition. Step four: I'm willing to make a total ass of myself. My name's …..

I'm sorry to interrupt you here but I really wanted to meet you and I'm willing to make a total fool of myself to do it! My name is.. Next time you come in??? I was reading a book on angels. Do you have a boyfriend?

Would you like a better one? Answer the second question first! To woman with great legs in any situation! I don't know if you can recognize that with each little giggle. If not. Can I borrow yours? That's so you know what to scream.. If I told you that you had a beautiful smile.. She'll almost inevitably ask why. My name is. I seem to have lost my phone number. Pardon me..

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I'm sorry. Do you believe in love at first site. Then suddenly you find you bump into somebody with an incredibly warm and beautiful smile that just makes you feel wonderful for the rest of the day? I'm glad you laughed. I'm not good at this sort of thing.

I heard you were a lesbian. I just had to thank you for brightening up my day. Excuse me Well you do have a beautiful smile.

Are you the sort of person I should get to know better? My name's [your name] Please allow me to present myself. Would you be so kind to hold this up in front of you for a moment? It's my sister's birthday next week and you are about the same size as her and from what I can tell you have the same excellent fashion sense.

You lose. Move into standard mirroring and rapport building techniques as you continue. Think of a number between 1 and Because although you really are breathtaking. How do you know when you have mutual admiration.. Here's how you steer her back to values in the relationship when this occurs: Getting her to visualize 2. And I think maybe it's something based on really enjoying each other's company. I guess. This can be done after you've dropped the topic. Calibrate the girl there are basically 4 doorways into a woman's mind: What's important to you in a relationship?

Note here she's gone off track by naming a quality she wants in the man.. And he expresses to me that there are things about me he really admires. I'm kind of picky What she wants? What she likes? What she thinks she needs?

What she thinks she deserves? What she had in the past that she wants to repeat? What she had in the past that she wants to avoid? What scares her? What makes her happy? What makes her feel sexy? I've been thinking that maybe we've really got the start of something here.. I agree. I guess when I see things in him I really admire. Asking questions that require her to access deep levels of the mind to answer mirror her physically I mean..

Do you have a lot of guys chasing you? Emotional connections 4. Do you like living here in [whatever-the-place-is-called]? I don't mean to sound strange or anything. I know that's an important quality for a person to have. Say something like: You know. I guess mutual admiration.. I don't know. Body sensations 3. Questions that touch on her identity as a person. You'll see her go into a profound pleasure state.. It's ok to talk about that stuff.

Find out.

And what's really stimulating. Be the one to make her feel that by incorporating that into talk about yourself or making up a pattern about that. So I was wondering what's important to you in a relationship or this class..

If she replies with means values the means of achieving ends values. I find that I get a lot more out of talking about who we are as people on a deep level. Well I like tall guys. Means Value M: Well it makes me feel safe and protected Ends Value aka Desired State.

You could of course go "Well. How did it happen? So if I were to ask you. Then try a series of No. This stuff works. You need to know which is which, or you'll be swimming upstream if you get it wrong. But there has been some. This is a crucial skill that can be easily missed. Both Greene and Tate profile their targets with their own profiling scheme. And Tate's types are an integral part of the Alpha Male planner. In the next section I'm going to explain three concepts that are probably fairly new to most people, primarily because they apply more to slow game than to fast game.

And they are made even more effective by the Alpha Male Planner tools. The three concepts are these: Concentric Harems: A man has a set of concentric harems when he has many women organized in the following way: They are at various levels of involvement see below 2.

They move progressively from outer levels to inner levels. A visual representation concentric harems appears on the next page: A set of concentric harems. Those who are at deeper levels closer to the center also count as members of shallower levels closer to the periphery.

For instance, it's possible to have a sexual relationship without having an emotional connection, but the scheme works well enough, and is typical of most relationships. Typically there are more women in the earlier categories, and the process resembles a funnel. Or kind of an upside-down funnel in the diagram above. More women will count as acquaintences than will count as having a mutual attraction relationship with you.

There will be more mutual attraction relationships than emotional connection relationships, and so on. Alpha Male Planner allows you to know where in the process every woman in your realm is. And that helps you know which attraction, comfort, or seduction material to create for each. It would be very difficult to make the most of your concentric harems without a tool like Alpha Male Planner. And that's probably why the concept hasn't been taught much in the past.

Now, the best thing about knowing the state of your concentric harems is the way in which it facilitates the wonderful practice of simultaneous slow seduction.

Simultaneous Slow Seduction Simultaneous Slow Seduction is the practice of seducing multiple women at the same time over a period of days, weeks, and months. You don't have to sleep with all of them. In fact, you shouldn't. It's nice to keep many waiting in the wings.

Let's look at how this can work, and why it's so much fun. Take a look around you as you go throughout your day. You probably have many interesting strangers in your midst. Now if you think you have to take just one of those beautiful strangers from being a stranger to being in your bed in 7- 10 hours, it can be a little overwhelming. But what if, instead, your initial goal is just to turn 10 of those strangers into acquaintances? You approach them with no other goal than to chat for 5 minutes and get them to the point where they would wave and say hi if they ran across you again.

Think you can do that? An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner When you keep your interactions less ambitious, you can move girls from your stranger harem to your acquaintance harem without much trouble.

You also will have a lot of success, because you're not taking things very far. Another benefit is that you'll come off looking strong, because you will be able to determine when to cut off the conversation. Preferably, you will cut it off at a point where the woman is starting to enjoy the conversation. That will leave her wanting more.

Intentionally leave some of your best stories unfinished. You will also become very good at getting women to find you interesting, because you will be approaching them all the time with no fear. This provides a lot of benefit for you. Not least of which is social proof. This says volumes to other women in the neighborhood, and makes it even easier to make acquaintances out of them. Now, let's suppose you have a few dozen women in your acquaintance harem.

Perhaps even by accident some of those women will be attracted to you. The benefit of mastering new material: One benefit of building up your concentric harems in this way is that it makes it easy to master new material.

Suppose you craft a new attraction-oriented story, and you want to get it down. Well, since you have dozens of women in your acquaintance harem, you have dozens of women you can tell the story to. And with Alpha Male Planner, you can record which women you have told the story to, and jot down a few notes about how it went, and how you might want to change the story for even more effect. Surely you can sit and have a more intimate chat with some of those women in your attraction harem.

The "Inner Game" benefit: Another benefit of doing simultaneous slow seductions with concentric harems is that it's great for your inner game. Suppose you have an emotional connection with 10 women, and you start trying to get some of them alone to embark on some physical intimacy. What's the worst thing that can happen? The first one says you are moving too fast and she just wants to be friends.

No big deal for you. You have 9 other women waiting to spend more time with you. Eventually you move a woman all the way, and you have a regular sexual partner. And you can conduct the relationship on your terms, because you are in a position to insist on it.

You are not needy. If they insist on getting jealous when you flirt with other women, or start taking your for granted, you can tell them what your terms are, and you won't flinch because there are plenty of women around willing to play by your rules. Again, Alpha Male Planner allows you to do all this very efficiently. That will give you a very powerful feeling. To do this most effectively, and to manage the largest funnel possible, you need specialized software to integrate your journaling and your planning.

Let me summarize the benefits of using concentric harems to conduct simultaneous slow seductions: You're mine. Now, let's take a look at a third key concept for slow seduction: In order to illustrate the importance of this, consider the following chart. This is an artificial example meant to illustrate the relationship between your ability to profile women and your skills as a general seducer.

I don't really want to quibble about the exact numbers. Suppose your game is either poor in which case you can convert only 1 in blind walkups , good in which case you can convert 1 in blind walkups or great in which case you can convert 1 in 10 blind walkups.

Blind approaches are the situation when you have absolutely no profiling abilities. This is unrealistic. We all have some profiling abilities to start with. But to illustrate, just imagine a case where you have no profiling ability whatsoever. You don't have the ability to assess the situation or the woman at all. So you will approach nuns, pregnant women with their Black-Belt-in-Jiu-Jitsu husbands, girls in bible studies, old ladies, normal single girls, as well as the occasional lonely girl in a night club.

In the boxes are the number of successes you will have after approaching women. An Introduction to Slow Seduction -- from Alpha Male Planner Now consider what happens when you add in the ability to rule out low probability women and situations.

Secrets Of Speed Seduction workbook.pdf

That is when you stop hitting on the nuns, and get more picky about which kind of women you approach. So you never approach these women in these situations. You don't waste your time. Now, if you make approaches, you will convert 2 with poor skill, 20 with good skill, and with great skill. You can always tell what kind of woman responds to approaches in certain situations, and so on. Now, even with poor skills, you will convert 10 approaches.

There is MUCH room for interpretation in terms of punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, etc. In spoken lectures, there is a LOT of meaning conveyed by the speaker in terms of emphasizing words, pausing, and vocal inflection.

On this product a great deal of effort has been taken to create the transcript and to do a reasonably good job of conveying those qualities and aspects of a "vocal" delivery, in written form.


There may be some slight errors or omissions, and some aspects of the grammar and the punctuation may not be formally "correct" in the most strict interpretation of English grammar and punctuation rules, but it is effective in conveying the meaning as intended. If there are any extreme errors or omissions, please to go www. Please provide concise yet full details of what you found and these changes may be incorporated into a revised version of the product at some future date.

Dave comes across as a solid likeable guy. One of the most useful parts of Dave Riker's course is Conversation Management where it helps you to steer conversation topics from normal stuff to deeper and sexual topics. The best advice he gives is that it may take several tries to go from shallow topics to deep ones and you are unlikely to get there in one goIt implies that the condition or describe is going to happen.

Elias Eduardo. You just clipped your first slide! Lead Recall that the basic pattern for Pacing and Leading is: Guys, look up here. You could keep accelerating and accelerating and there were fixed frames of reference.

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