Suffer in Silence: A Novel of Navy SEAL Training [David Reid] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Suffer in Silence is thoughtful, fearsomely honest, and expertly Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month?. Suffer in Silence book. Read 28 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A gripping novel of men training to become Navy SEALs who are pu.

Suffer In Silence Book

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Navy SEALS reside on the highest rung of our military pantheon. They are mythic warriors, the best of the best, perfect in body, mind, and morals. Or so they are. “Suffer in Silence is thoughtful, fearsomely honest, and expertly crafteda genuine triumph. David Reid is a rising talent.” —The Midwest Book Review. Suffer in Silence by David Reid, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

View 1 comment. Jul 01, David Gray rated it really liked it Shelves: Through the authors description of the pain, cold, and fear, the reader feels like he or she is in training. However, the book goes off course in the last chapters.

Suffering in Silence: Pain in Dementia

Also, if the reader isn't somewhat expirienced in true military jargon he or she may get lost on the acronyms, ranks, rates, titles, and nomenclature that is used throughout.

All in all, a good book. Sep 02, Rick Fulton rated it it was amazing.

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A must read to understand what these hero's go through before becoming a SEAL. Jul 06, Alyssa rated it it was ok. First, for the positive.

I really liked the plot. The book had good characters, believable emotions and thoughts. The story itself was really great. It was interesting and insightful to the life and demanding challenges of someone wishing to be a SEAL.

I am well aware that life in the military is like this, with very vulgar words as a constant speech choice. And women being used, abused and talked about in the most unflattering, inappropriate way. I still got the feel for the pain and suffering. The hardships and the extreme circumstances that are military have to face. All for the sake of our freedom, that we continually take for granted.

They managed to convey this feeling of brutality without spelling it out and without using foul language to constantly get their point across.

This book could be SO much better if the vulgarity was removed and the lack of respect for women was hinted at, but not explained in raunchy details. I also feel it could reach a much wider audience if this was the case.

It would also be helpful to put a guide in the back of the book with definitions to the abbreviations used throughout the book.

I think a vast majority of us are a little lost when it comes to abbreviations for military terms. I also think the book was too hurried in the end.

I read all about the torturous training and the details of "Hell Week," only to be rushed thru the exciting black mail scandal. And have it end with too many open doors. If this is the first book in a series, then great job at leaving us hanging and anxiously waiting for more.

But if this is the first and last I'd like to see the loose ends tied up a bit more nicely. My props to the author for being able to write about something personal.

I can't imagine going thru this training and then having the nerve to revisit my emotions enough to write a novel about it. And as always my sincere thanks to our military around the world, both active and retired.

Without your sacrifice, I would not enjoy my freedoms so freely right now. There are not many who freely give of their life both mentally and physically to let the rest of us sorry bums take things for granted.

You give of your time; endure physical torture and mental strain all so that we can be free to be so utterly unthankful to those who have made it so that we can have the freedom to be that way.

I encourage us all too really think about what are military does and has done for us. We are so blessed and spoiled in our many freedoms in America. Freedoms bought with the blood and sweat of people who are never really thanked.

And come home to ridicule for fighting a war instead of thanks and fan fair for the sacrifices they made on our behalf.

Aug 16, Krista rated it really liked it. Suffer in Silence was the first book I've read based around military training. I enjoyed the main character, Grey, immensely. I hated Instructors Redmond and Furtado more than I can begin to explain. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it.

Sep 02, Joey Boushka rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. This book caught my interest because I want to join the military and do special forces.

I found it pretty funny actually when it was telling us about some of the things that the instructors say to the recruits. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants join the military and especially to anyone who is interested in I really enjoyed this book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants join the military and especially to anyone who is interested in Navy SEALs. Jul 11, Jeff Flotta rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was enthralling and horrifying even without the subplot.

A Novel of Navy SEAL Training

These things kept the pages turning effortlessly. It didn't hurt knowing that the book was written by someone who endured SEAL training. I'm a sucker for "inside looks". Apr 04, Sarah Eiseman rated it liked it.

Suffer in Silence

It was pretty graphic as far as the training went, but the mystery part lost me. The writing was good, I'm just not a big fan of mysteries.

I think I would have enjoyed this book more as a memoir and less as fiction. Can't put it down! I would recommend it to anyone that is interested the Special Operations community. A good book for learning about Navy Seal training.

Book review: “Suffer in Silence” by David Reid

Oct 21, Shawn Moore added it. This is no small feat, as I have repressed those memories for over twenty years. He began writing Suffer in Silence shortly after his training, resulting in an unprecedented inside look at the agonizing journey that every sailor must complete before he can call himself a SEAL.

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I worry that life will never be any different for me. Is there really any reason to make my bed, or clean my room, or even shower? Is outward appearance all that life is really about? If I can just hold it all together, keeping a smile on my face and a clean room, at least maybe then my parents could be happy. I would still feel this awful pain inside me. I feel alone in depression, as it separates me from everyone around me.

I feel freakishly different, in my own world.

And when I step outside my world it always ends in pain. A simple two-minute conversation with a peer gets twisted through my mind endlessly throughout the day. Why did I say this or that? What did they mean when they said this or that?

If only I could have done it or said it differently. Regret, frustration, depression, this is my routine.

They do not understand me. I do not understand me. All this led to my visit with Dr.What's New Blog - Saddle Stitch: X Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website.

This is no small feat, as I have repressed those memories for over twenty years.

Rating details. And have it end with too many open doors. David Reid is a rising talent. Between finding a sense of universality of not being completely alone with this rare disorder, and the combination of hope, it's a must read! Therefore, even if the child does not specifically have SM, this book can still be helpful: Living the life with two children with SM and anxiety, in addition to one shy daughter, and also working as a therapist with children with an array of anxiety disorders for many years, I have lots of examples!

But when one of his friends is murdered during the course of Hell Week, Grey is determined to bring the killer to justice—even though he knows that means bringing down one of the very instructors who is training him and others to become professional killers.

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