Chetan Bhagat's "2 States:The Story of My Marriage". Pages·· KB· 17, Downloads. They get married. Welcome to 2 States, a story about Krish. The Story of My Marriage is a novel written by Chetan Bhagat. - Chetan Bhagat's 2 States: The Story of My Marriage: A Study. Talluri Mathew Bhaskar. Lecturer in English, A.P.R.J. College. Love marriages around the world .

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3 Mistakes of my life pdf link - 3 Mistakes of my life - PDF Drive 3. 2 States pdf link - Chetan Bhagat – 2 States The Story of My Marriage by. By Chetan Bhagat. Love marriages all over the world are uncomplicated: Boy loves woman. woman loves boy. They get married. In India, there are a number of . Sorry, this document isn't available for viewing at this time. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the 'Download' button above.

The characters stress on the importance of these two and confines strictly to themselves that their argument is correct. A middle aged man with neatly Combed hair rationed his gin. He wore a half sleeve shirt with a dhoti in most of the pictures. He looked like the neighbor who stops you from playing loud music. No, nothing cute about him.

I scanned the remaining pictures taken on festivals,weddings and birthdays. When Krishna, the protagonist meets his mother at the railway station, he finds her with a complete pattern of North Indian style from top to toe. After receiving their parents, both of them, Krish and Ananya wanted to convey the fact they were in love and they would like to get marry.

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Both are worried to convey this to their parents. So they thought to convey it after the convocation. They planned to arrange an introductory session with both the families. Hence, the protagonist narrates the dress appearance of them. I came first to get good seat.

Ananya wore the same peacock blue sari that that she wore to her HCL interview. He wanted to say her gradually by conveying Ananya as her best friend.

See the girl dancing in the baraath next to the horse. She is wearing a pink lehnga I saw a girl in pink Leanga her face bearly visible under a lot of hair P: 57 After conveying his m other Krish decides to join in Citi Bank first and then convincing of his mother later after the settlement of his love and marriage. He takes appointment and joins in Citi bank and takes an apartment with co-employees. At that time he observes the way of dressing and casual wear of Tamilians and narrates in this way: I nodded and reached my apartment.

Ramanujan his roommate saw me place? He here and then meets Ananya and enjoys the romantic life with her.

So he feels happy with that but in the meanwhile he is furious to observe that there is a match who comes to Ananya where her parents insist to make her sit and see the groom before checking the horoscope. Krish gets worried and annoyed with this.

It has been slowly recognized by Krish and he feels happy and conveys the same to Ananya too. There they want to talk to the office authorities. Now the author Chethan Bhagath showS how the youth like to go faraway places on bike drive with the example of these two lovers Krish and Ananya.

Ananya herself covers her head and face and sits behind Krish on a two wheeler. Conclusion: Chetan Bhagat has some affinity with numbers! Also his characters have names that are all avatars of the Hindu deity Vishnu like Govind, Harish, Shyam and here, Krish. Bhagat depicts complex, deeply rooted socio-cultural problems of multicultural India, light-heartedly.

He wants readers to laugh at themselves, at their follies, their prejudices, and their wrong-doings; not as a participant but as a distant observer. References 1. Bhagat, Chetan. Drug-free zone laws apply enhanced penalties in two different. States face as they develop conflict-free case. Worksheets on page 2 further adjust your. City or town, state, and ZIP code.

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Presidential styleare short and do not allow free-ranging questions. The two states Queensland and South Australia which. May 19, I just love this novel and the best thing is that its free.

2 States The Story of My Marriage

And the people who are. Dec 16, Download Link Here: https:adf.Now comes the turn Ananya to win the love of Krish family members.

India as a Linguistic Area. The rest of the novel is narration of their efforts to bring corrections in their parents' prides and prejudices.

Story Of My Marriage By Chetan Bhagat - PDF Download

He takes appointment and joins in Citi bank and takes an apartment with co-employees. Now and then, the novelist glanced into the characters to discuss these differences in the form of a debate introducing some minor characters.

Diversities: They have diversities in their languages e. Diversities: They have diversities in their languages e. The characters from the later are seen fun-loving as compared to the characters from the former with the exception of Krish and Ananya.

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